Common CV Mistakes!

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 Common CV Mistakes!

There was a great article in the paper the other day looking at common CV mistakes. Here at u&i we completely agree with their list but thought that we would add in a few of our own!

Unsurprisingly, the worst mistakes to make on a CV are typos and grammatical errors, especially using ‘there’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ incorrectly. When you have finished your CV and are happy with it, a good tip is to ask an impartial friend to read through it before you send it out. It is amazing what a fresh pair of eyes will spot!

Here is our list of really common CV mistakes that are easy to avoid.

  • Typos and grammatical errors are a no no
  • An overly casual tone doesn’t give a good impression to prospective employers
  • The use of jargon and clichés such as “an excellent team player who works well independently” or “works well under pressure”
  • A CV more than two pages in length
  • Borders and backgrounds are distracting, as well as the inclusion of clip art or emoji's on your CV or in your covering letter, do not use a smiley face!
  • Photos can be very off putting, think carefully before adding one to your CV
  • The use of cringe worthy quotes
  • Using unprofessional email address either on your CV or to send your application
  • Not writing a covering letter alongside your application. It’s fine as an email, just don’t leave your email blank. A covering letter is a great opportunity to sell yourself
  • Using an unconventional font or for that matter using Times New Roman. Times New Roman can look very dated on a CV, it is best to go for a san serif such as Ariel, Trebuchet or Calibri
  • Rating your own skills with a star rating system of 5 out of 5 for all your skills.
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