What does colour says about you?

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What does colour says about you?

When selecting an outfit for your interview, it may be worth thinking about the message your colour choice says about you to your prospective employer.

Here are some of our thoughts on what colours subliminally say!

Black: is the colour of authority and power. A classic choice and popular as it’s slimming and timeless.  Avoid too much black as you may come across as unapproachable.

White is popular because it is light, neutral and goes with everything.

Grey: A very popular colour choice for an interview, it’s sophisticated and the wearer gives off an air of confidence. Grey isn’t very distracting so the interviewer will be more focused on what you have to say.

Red: is the colour of emotion, it shows passion, red clothes get noticed.

Yellow: Sunny, positive, over powering at times, difficult to pull off depending on your skin tone.

Green: the symbol of nature. Easy on the eye, calming.

Beige or brown – solid reliable tones.

Blue another symbol of nature it’s the colour of the sky and the Ocean, can be tranquil and calming.

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