5 Career Mistakes you didn’t know you were making…

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Whether employed or job hunting we are all susceptible to making the odd professional blunder.  Career experts have collated 5 key pitfalls that can impact our career progression/success without us even knowing:


 1)      Your Online Profile

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all seem relatively harmless, everyone has them, but have you considered the impact that your online profile would have if perused by your current/perspective employer?

Instead keep a low profile, remove anything that questions your professional reputation and think like your employer when viewing your profile. Upload articles/ posts that promote yourself in a positive light, by sharing interesting articles from the industry it will show dedication and promise to future employers.


 2)      Work Relationships

It’s a good idea to forge friendships with your work colleagues as these are the people you spend the majority of your day with but make sure you form friends across the whole team being careful not to establish overly close bonds with one person/group as this may cause a divide in the work place and may back fire in the long run.

To ensure you get to know everyone in equal measure make sure you mingle at lunch time and mix up your routine, sitting with people that you don’t sit next to in the office.


 3)      Taking jobs unrelated to career path

Had to take a temporary job in something completely unrelated just to make ends meet? Any job that isn’t relevant to your career will appear as a distraction from your career path, so ensure you minimise such positions on your CV or emit them entirely. In doing so bulk up your relevant experience and explain away your ‘employment gap’ with devoting your full attention to finding the right job in the current economic slump (understandable if unemployed for 12months and under).


 4)      Trust your gut

If you rely heavily on making pro’s and con’s lists in order to make a decision about a new opportunity, it might be worth listening to your gut feelings instead. Whilst making lists may seem like a rational thing to do, if you have an underlying feeling about the position then trust your instincts, gather more information about the job and what it entails.  After researching the career and perhaps networking, it will alleviate any anxieties you have about the role.


 5)      Delegate Delegate Delegate

Although you’re eager to please and show willingness, being too available can be a big mistake. Being able to delegate tasks is a skill and one looked upon admirably especially when looking for managerial qualities in an employee.

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