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After searching and applying for lots of positions and attending interviews you’ve finally been given a job offer! You should now feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders but in most cases lots of questions tend to run through your head.

Firstly it’s ‘Have they really offered me the job?’

You will be delighted and over the moon that you’ve got yourself a job! Remember that you’re so lucky to have been given this opportunity so go and share it will your close friends and family. But try not to boast and think about who you’ll share the news with. If you’ve recently graduated some of friends may still be struggling to get a job so keeping it quiet for a bit would probably be best.

Next you start to think ‘Is this job really right for me?’

It’s common for you to hesitate if the job is really what you want. After going to interviews for other vacancies you might have preferred one of them. But, just think of the opportunity that you’ve been given. It will help you to develop you’re career.  However, if you feel that the job isn’t right for you then don’t panic you will have a probation period in your contract.

Then you start to assume ‘Am I capable of doing the job?’

Try not to doubt yourself. The company wouldn’t have offered you the position if they didn’t feel you were capable of doing the job. To reassure yourself that you can do it you should carry out some research on the company and the role this will get prepared and set up for your first day.

After this you think ‘Will I get along with the team?’

You’ve got to think the interviewer felt that you and your personality fitted well within the company so you should get along with your colleagues and work well within the office. But, if you do feel that you aren’t getting along with the team then tell your manager.

Finally you think ‘What will my manager be like?’

When you start the job you’ll begin to get a feel for what your manager is like pretty quickly. As long as you’re friendly, enthusiastic and hardworking it’ll be hard for your manager not to like you.

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