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Does the thought of interning make you wonder if it’s really worth it?…….the answer should be ‘YES’!!

Internships are a proven way to help you gain relevant experience, skills and knowledge within the industry.  They’re also a great way to get your foot in the door and give you a real eye opener of what you want to do in the future. Additionally, you could make some great connections. 

It’s best to undertake an internship throughout your education. You could fit them alongside your studies or carry them out during your summer or Christmas breaks. 

One major factor that puts candidates off internships is if they’re unpaid! If this is the case for you then ask the employer if you could carry out the internship alongside a part-time job. This will show them that you’re passionate and determined to gain experience however this might not be possible all the time.  It is important to think of your long-term goal….. ‘will this internship help you to land your dream job in the future?’……then you’ve got to do it! Alternatively, the company might offer you paid work in the future.

When clients look for candidates they want to see that you’ve interned as it shows them that you’re experienced and have been exposed to the industry.  Also, it reassures them that you know the industry and role you’re applying for is right for you.

If you feel interning is relevant for your career then get yourself out there and start interning! 

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