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You have done the research and listened to the advice from your friends or family. But you are still left wondering how you can stand out from other candidates at your interview!

So how do you make a great impression on the interviewer to make sure that they remember you?

Here at u&i Recruitment we have put together some tips and advice to help you shine at your next interview!

Be Human

The company likes your CV and now they want to interview you to get to know you as a person so it’s important that you express your personality to the interviewer to ensure they like you.

You should make an emotional bond with the interviewer to create a positive vibe and a real connection with them. Also, if you come across as a friendly and approachable candidate then the interviewer will get to see you as yourself and look past your experience or skills.

Try not to see an interview as a serious event

It’s difficult to say this but try not to get to nervous about interviews. You will only overthink things and work yourself up over nothing and then become even more worried. Also, try not to plan answers to potential questions you could be asked. You will only come across sounding like robot in your interview. Be yourself as much as possible this will enable you to express your personality and make a better impression than the candidates that come in sounding like they have just read off a script!

Put yourself in the shoes of the interviewer

Have a think about what it would be like if you were the interviewer! How would you expect a candidate to stand out? Would it be based on their experience or personality?

Most often interviewers employ someone if they are likeable and they can see them fitting in within the company. This doesn’t mean that your experience and skills don’t count for anything but remember if you’ve been invited to an interview it’s your chance to show off your personality and be yourself! This will make sure that you stand out at your interview and leave a memorable impression on the interviewers mind.

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