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When you have applied for a job the company might decide that they want to have a telephone interview with you before inviting you to a face-to-face interview.

Telephone interviews are usually carried out if recruiters have had lots of applications so it helps them to narrow the candidates down.

Here at u&i Recruitment we have put together some top tips to help you to get past the telephone interview and land yourself a face-to-face interview!

Be happy and confident – when the telephone interview takes place you will be in comfort of your own surroundings so it will take the pressure off a little bit. Try to relax and smile whilst you are speaking on the phone this will help you to come across more confident and give positive answers.

Remain professional – don’t do the typical things you would usually do on the phone like watching TV or eating. Go and sit in a quiet room where you won’t get distracted. This will help you to focus on what the interviewer is saying to you and how you respond.

Walk around and take note – It’s known that walking around the room can help your voice to come across more effective and clear. This is strange but it will show the interviewer that you have strong communication skills. Try to avoid using the word ‘erm’ it will display that you are nervous.

Have you CV and application at hand – the interviewer is likely to ask you questions based on your application so make sure you have this with you then you are less likely to go off track when answering questions. Also, it will show that you are organised!

Listen – when the interviewer is speaking don’t jump in and fire information at them, make sure you let them finish speaking. This will show that you have strong listening skills and gives you time to think of a response. A good tip would be to say words like ‘right’ or ‘okay’ at periods of time to show the interviewer that you are listening.

These tips will help you to prepare for that all important telephone interview but we can’t guarantee that you will get through to the next stage!

Why don’t you try practising a telephone interview with a friend or family member. This will give you an insight of what to expect for your interview.

We wish you luck for your next telephone interview!

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