Spring Clean your CV for Success

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The sun is shining, signs of spring are in the air and we thought it was a good time to have a CV declutter! By following these simple rules you will have a fresh and clean CV which is 2018 ready.

Keep it Simple

Employers (and recruiters for that matter) do not want to spend hours trawling through CV’s in order to find what a persons job title is. Your CV should be punchy, easy to understand and to the point. Make sure you keep the design and font clean and simple focus on the content more than the style itself. This is the information that will sell you as a candidate. The idea of a CV is to showcase your skills, abilities, experience, and qualifications. Forget adding in designs, photos, and logos, if you are a creative strip your CV right back and use your portfolio to showcase your creative flair. 

Make it Easy to Read

Candidates should consider dividing a CV into sections, this will make it clear and easy to read. This also enables you to gain their attention in the areas that matter. The text has to be clear, so avoid large blocks of text. When it comes to roles, head them up with bold titles so that they stand out and leave a space between roles. If you are bored by reading your own CV this is a good barometer as to how interesting other people with find it. If you work with a particular product mention it in the description of the role, don't expect everyone to know what your current employer does.

Keep it Professional

Your CV is your way of showing potential employers who you are, what you do and how you can benefit them as a business. Keep everything formal, informative and to the point and deliver it in a way that is punchy. This will enable employers to get a real feel for who they are without having to wade through too much pointless information. If you have an email address that has followed you from your school days then it is not wise to use it on your CV, especially if it is an unprofessional looking email. Create a new professional looking email that is straight to the point with no fuss e.g your.name@domain.com.

Use the Space Wisely

CV’s should be short, sharp and punchy. Aiming to keep your CV to under two pages in length with minimal wasted space. If you have many past roles and find that you are struggling to stick to the two-page rule, consider summarising the older roles. 


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