Millennials Vs Gen Z

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Millennials Vs Gen Z

You’ve probably heard of Generation Z and Millennials (also known as Generation Y). Today, these two generations make up nearly 50% of the global workforce and by 2025, this figure will be more like 75%!

With this in mind we thought it was good idea to find out what's so different about a Millennial and a Gen Z in the workplace?

Firstly these two generations have very different mindset and attitude to working in general. One prefers working in a group, while the other prefers to work independently. Millennials are dedicated employees who expect their employers to reward them with continuous opportunities for growth. As for Gen Z, it seems that work becomes more and more attractive when the pay is good. So, if they have to choose between making a difference in society or having a secure life outside of work, Gen Z will in most cases choose the latter. Millennials are digital pioneers whereas Generation Zs are natives. Both thrive in conditions and environments that offer flexibility in the way they work, such as remote work and flexi-hours.

Traits of Millennials

Born:    Between 1977-1997

Work Principle: Advocate of a work life balance

What motivates them?                 Opportunities for growth

Work Preferences:                          Team orientated and collaborative, remote work and flexible hours are very appealing to them

How they work with change       Become impatient when their career path stagnates

Technology                                         Digital pioneers – quick to learn the tools of technology and apply digital solutions to everyday work problems

Methods of Communication       Rely on digital communication tools and platforms

Other relevant qualities                        More optimistic than Gen Z


Traits of Gen Z

Range of Birth                                   1997 onwards   

Work Principle                                   Promote equality and diversity in the workplace

What motivates them:                  Job security and pay rises

Work Preferences                           Competitive, work independently, would rather have their own space than a share one

How they work with change       Majority of Gen Z employees are willing to perform multiple roles within an organisation

Technology                                         Digital natives – always connected, instinctively learn about new devices and software

Methods of Communication       Face to face

Other relevant qualities                           Excellent at multitasking and entrepreneurial                                                   



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