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Want to advance your career? A sure fire way to do so is to change your entire mindset and begin thinking and behaving like a business owner. You need to own your job, own your role and own your responsibilities.

By changing your mindset towards your position it will force you to embrace HOW you DO your job and how you THINK about your job.

Here are 9 guiding principle that makes a great business owner…

1)   Show Passion and Lead with Enthusiasm

Both your head and heart need to be “in the game” your clients, fellow employees and customers need to see and feel your enthusiasm for what you do. It is passion that is the fuel for the energy that flows into your job, drawing in those around you, inspiring those around you by your sincere passion.

2)   Treat Your Customers and Clients Like Gold

Customers/clients are lifeblood of ANY business, customer satisfaction and enthusiasm will drive the success of your job and business- create loyal enthused customers

3)   Take Care of Your People

A business owners number 1 asset is your colleagues and team members, your business depends on them- Lead them, serve them, inspire them, appreciate them and recognize them everyday. Nurture and develop their talents and get to know both there personal and professional goals.

4)   Go the Extra Mile

A way to build trust and create a positive and memorable reputation is to deliver more than expected.

Under promise- over deliver.

5)   No Task to Small – Get the Job Done!

A great business owner is always willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done. Delegate where possible ensuring that you don’t step on the toes of your colleagues.  Be prepared to do any job however menial and do with a smile, it will show to others your willingness and set an example to the rest of your team.

6)   Get Better and Better

You must continually improve, upping the ante and staying ahead of the competition – this will demonstrate flexibility as you proactively responding to an evolving market.

Be clued up – Read new things/research in your field

Set self improvement goals

7) Systematize Things

A great business runs smoothly when structure is added developing standard ways of doing things will ensures consistency and quality. Develop processes, charts and checklists etc to ensure tasks can be followed in the exact way regardless of who is undertaking the work. Systems and structure improve overall productivity and quality of your work.

8)   Spend Like its Your Own Money

Put yourself in the place of the business owner and look for ways to do things cheaper without compromising on quality. Be cost conscious, compare prices, look for deals and evaluate capital expenditure.

9)   See the Bigger Picture

Great business owners stay 1,2,3 or more steps ahead of their best competitors. Anticipate and move outside the box, thinking about the interrelationship between what you do and everything else in your organisation.

Step forward and then look back to see how you got there.

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