Careers Advice - Common traits that are guaranteed to stall your career progression

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Whether you realise it or not, there are often common traits we all have that will be detrimental in the progression of your career path. It’s a huge misconception that it takes a big mistake to have damaged your career when in actuality it is often less dramatic than that. There are many obstacles throughout your career that can prevent you from reaching your goals you may be actually holding yourself back due to toxic traits or bad habits within the workplace. 

Adaptability within an ever-changing business is critical for success, not being bogged down by the little things that are taking away from the bigger picture. Take a moment to look back over the last month you will probably realise that you’ve been so tied down by the day-to-day tasks and not pushed forward on big projects, then it’s time to re-evaluate your way of working.


Are you easily distracted during work?

Everyone is guilty of getting a little distracted during the working day, whether it’s staring out the window for just that bit too long, checking your phone only to spend ten minutes scrolling mindlessly or getting caught up chatting to coworkers. Developing a routine and a work-life balance is vital in helping to remain focused when at work. Although it is key to throw yourself into your job, it is also important to have regular breaks, so you don’t burn out. If you have family, it’s your chance to spend quality time with them to compensate for all those early mornings, late nights and business trips that have kept you from this. Eat well, sleep well, surround yourself with positive people and be ready to take on anything that comes your way whilst at work.


Hate change?

Humans are inherently stubborn and often higher up the career ladder you climb, the more there is an element of an unwillingness to change. Having the ability to adapt to changes, whether they are new ideas, technologies or management styles is a vital part of career growth. Technology is constantly advancing and it is important to keep up to date so to compete with other companies. This means that employees need to adapt to these changes faster than ever before and in order to keep up a positive reputation, it’s important to be willing to change with the company, and an unwillingness to do this could damage your career long-term.


You are certain you know everything you need to know

Don’t let praise or promotions trick you into a false sense of comfort that you don’t need to learn new skills. Complacency within a job can be a real career killer and can stunt your progression. This is not to say that you shouldn’t celebrate your successes but that you should constantly be striving for more success in the future. 


Going from employee to leader

It is a huge jump from employee to leader, going from just concentrating on your own personal workload to overseeing others and leading them can feel daunting. The key to a great leader is adaptability, making changes in order to transition into a leader. The secret to management roles are being a great communicator, encourage best practises and become an advocate of your team’s success, not just your own accomplishments.


Not a great listener?

The ability to listen carefully allows for a better understanding of the assignment that you have been given. Ensuring that your workday is as effective as possible, becoming a leader it is even more crucial that you are communicating with your team and taking into account their views and options. This is one of the main factors in what makes a good leader. 


Do you care about your reputation?

Making good work relationships with your colleges is vital throughout your time at a company and even after you have left. You never know when previous professional relationships may come in handy. Particularly if you remain in the same sector as your previous role. Additionally, you may think that you only need to stay on good terms with the management team of your previous employer, but since working with your colleagues you could end up being their manager in future, therefore, it’s essential to have retained a good relationship and a positive reputation for yourself.

This positive reputation extends to how to portray yourself fon social media platforms. Be mindful of what content you put out into the world. Your social media pages could bridge the gap between you moving forward in your career or not. Remember, you represent your employer inside and outside of working hours so conducting yourself respectably on social media at all times is a must.


Engagement in office gossip

Having the respect of your colleagues speaks volumes about the type of employee you are. If you have a tendency to gossip or simply interact in this type of behaviour, then it can be detrimental to your character and how people perceive you. Particularly if you are management level, it is important for the people working for you to be able to trust you.


Lack of career ambition structure 

Knowing where you want yo go with your career may be hard if you are uninspired or changing jobs often however it can ring alarm bells for future employees if you demonstrate a lack of ambition. To ensure your career is heading on the right track, check to ensure you don’t carry any of these bad habits into the workplace. This doesn’t mean these habits will cause you to necessarily lose your job, but they could mean you’re passed up for a promotion, a pay rise or turned down for a job elsewhere.

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