Will a blog help my job prospects?

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020 by Charlotte HannaNo comments

Blogging is an increasingly popular platform to showcase your creative talent. If you want to make it in the contemporary fashion world, the most important place to be is online.

Setting up a fashion blog to display your designs could be a smart career move. Via blogging networks you'll be able to follow other fashion bloggers for inspiration and professional support and take part in meet ups and events. However, to promote your fashion blog you'll need a wide social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are useful tools not only when promoting your own work (and fashion blog) but also for keeping up to date with industry happenings. Pinterest is a useful resource for holding all of your creative ideas and inspirations. 

From recruitment perspective if you have just graduated and do not have much work experience within the industry, a fashion blog will demonstrate that you are keen and determined to work in this industry.

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