Fashion Degree Courses

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Fashion communication and fashion promotion degrees

Different universities have different names for their degrees in this area. Variations include fashion communication, fashion promotion, fashion communication and promotion, fashion public relations and communication, fashion communication and styling, and fashion promotion and imaging.

While the exact content may vary slightly, you can expect to learn about and develop technical skills in visual communication techniques such as photography, film, music, digital media, styling, social media, website and app design, fashion shows and journalism. You will then learn to apply these techniques to areas of the fashion industry such as branding, advertising, fashion media, marketing, visual merchandising, events, public relations, retail environments and colour and trend forecasting.


Fashion styling degrees

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of fashion styling and the skills required for this career. You will cover styling for magazines, advertising, catwalk shows, digital media and e-commerce and learn about fashion image making, fashion photography, how the body is used to convey meaning, hair and makeup, garment and prop sourcing, and media production. This will be complemented by your historical and cultural studies.


Fashion photography degrees

You will study fashion photography, film and animation and explore a range of images, from haute couture to street style, across a number of mediums, such as advertising campaigns, designer look-books, glossy magazines, art galleries and shop windows. You will experience both studio and location shooting and learn about digital image production and manipulation, including high-end and non-destructive retouching and video editing techniques.


Fashion journalism degrees

You will study fashion journalism across multiple platforms, from print and broadcast to online and social media. You will learn the fundamental skills required to be a journalist in the fashion industry including writing styles, research, media law and ethics, fashion vocabulary, catwalk reporting, styling, photography and video journalism, as well as studying fashion theory, history and culture, such as style icons and subcultures. You may also undertake a shorthand course.


Fashion marketing degrees

You will develop an understanding of the fashion industry as well as the principles of marketing. You’ll learn how to build and communicate a brand narrative for a variety of fashion organisations and you’ll gain experience of digital technologies and platforms. Topics you may study include consumer behaviour, segmentation, trend forecasting, marketing planning, visual merchandising, digital marketing, brand development, international fashion marketing and public relations.


Fashion buying and merchandising degrees

You will learn about consumer behaviour and how fashion ranges are researched, planned, sourced and developed. You will also study visual merchandising (eg look books, window displays and store layouts), purchasing and supply chain management, ethical issues and sustainability, and sales analysis. You are also likely to study a module that gives you an overview of fashion textiles and garment development.


Fashion management degrees

You will study the management of brands, finances, events and people across the fashion chain, from design and development, to manufacturing and the supply chain, to sales and marketing. Topics you may cover include business development, buying, merchandising, retailing, consumer behaviour, trend forecasting, advertising and public relations, social responsibility and sustainability. You will also gain an appreciation of garment construction and the manufacturing process.

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