Interest in second-hand fashion continues to grow

Posted on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 by Charlotte HannaNo comments

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As concerns rise over the unsustainable price tag of fast fashion, some young people are looking online for a way to look good for less without hurting the planet.

A new study suggests that the UK’s second hand item market is set to surge in the coming years, echoing industry reports that the market could overtake the fast fashion market by 2029.

The rise of the ethical consumer

People are turning to second-hand clothing – not just out of financial necessity, but out of choice. There’s a huge opportunity here for retailers to improve their green credentials and tap into a growing number of consumers who would like to buy stylish clothing, but without the ethical concerns. Some well-known retailers already feature vintage or pre-loved selections in store and there’s clearly room for these to be more widely available

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