Interesting Article - The New Face of Luxury

Posted on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 by Charlotte Hanna2 comments

The New Face of Luxury: How to Maintain Exclusivity in the World of Social Media

This report looks at how the luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle sector is embracing the emerging space of influencer marketing and offers valuable trends and learning points.

Today, luxury brands face a precarious balancing act between the rapid growth in social media, where luxury has become more attainable on a global scale and inspiration comes from myriad online communities; versus the bespoke and aspirational nature of traditional luxury, appealing to high net-worth and niche customer groups. This diversification of customer segments is challenging for luxury brands to manage, and explains why many have been reluctant to embrace influencer marketing.


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2 comments on "Interesting Article - The New Face of Luxury"

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