Adapting Your Skill Set During Covid-19

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Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, every company’s first priority is, of course, to protect the health and safety of employees, consumers, and business partners. Indeed, luxury companies have pivoted to address urgent public-health needs: factories that produced scarves and perfume now manufacture face masks and hand sanitiser, and many luxury groups have made monetary donations to hospitals and other not-for-profit organisations.

At the same time, with millions of people relying on the luxury-goods industry to make a living—from factory workers and retail-store employees to small-town artisans and craftsmen—industry leaders are planning ahead and wrestling with longer-term strategic questions to ensure the survival of their businesses.

How can you adapt your skill set to suit the new world post COVID? In this blog, we have accumulated a few helpful tips to get you back into work post-pandemic whether you have lost your job or simply returning after being furloughed. 

Use Newfound Constraints to Further Creativity

Having less to work with can ultimately drive creativity. With brands currently unable to travel overseas for major campaigns, they may move away from the more predictable glossy fashion executions. This brings opportunity for local photographers and more localised creative talent to come to the forefront. It might be worth using your newfound free time to really develop your skills, take an online course, or simply read up on something you are interested in. 

Utilise Your Social Media Channels

Think of social networks as your open, online portfolio. Obviously, authenticity is key. Establish your own point-of-view and aesthetic, but then be consistent in both tone-of-voice and infrequency of posting.

Start looking for the social media content (or other relevant content), such as:

  • Social media work you did as a volunteer or for an internship

  • Paid social media work you did

  • Any other digital content you feel proud of and would demonstrate what you could do with social media

  • Testimonials

For each image, be sure to indicate what the assignment was when it was done (i.e., year and, if appropriate, stage of your education or career), and for whom it was done. advocates getting at least some of your portfolio content from screen captures. This shows material you’ve created in the environment it was created for.

Also, gather any quotations (testimonials) about your work. For example, praise posted on LinkedIn by admirers, or something a teacher or an industry professional you know wrote about you and your work. If you can't come up with anything, ask some professionals you know to write things about your work.

After collecting your materials, you'll need to make some decisions. As says, "even though you’ve got a lot more real estate on an online portfolio than you do on your CV, you should be equally selective about what you include."

Pick out your best items — those that show skill and creativity you are proud of, and that others have complimented you about. Also, think of what your ideal employer might want you to create if you’re hired, and find (or create) some examples of it.

If your existing social media posts don't look all that professional, write more. Find out if there's a business or charity that would allow you to write some for them.

The demand for new visuals creates new opportunities. From 3D animations to collages and illustrations, great content can be built from non-traditional forms of fashion imagery. Now is the time to enhance your portfolio through collaboration with digital animators. When the market opens up again, you will have new forms of storytelling to show clients.

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1 comment on "Adapting Your Skill Set During Covid-19"

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