Looking for roles within Design, Technical and Production: Interview tips

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Are you looking for a role in the fashion design, technical or production sector? At U&I Search we understand what it takes to nail down these kinds of jobs, so we’ve accumulated a list of tips for your next interview. 

Keep it professional 

The one question almost guaranteed to pop up during an interview is ‘tell me a bit about yourself’ It’s easy to fall into the trap of oversharing irrelevant information. What your interviewer really wants to know is a quick summary of your most recent/ relevant experience in a clear and concise manner. Mention brands, how long you worked there, and what your key responsibilities were. It is more than likely that your interviewer will have some form of the mental checklist the more you sell yourself the more ticks you get. 

Questions to prepare for 

The questions you are asked through an interview ill depend largely on the role you are applying for, for example a designer will typically be asked about artistic style. If you are a designer some questions you will most likely be asked and therefore should prepare for are:

  • Describe your handwriting style?

  • Talk to me through your portfolio?

  • Which designer do you think you are the most alike and why?

  • Why do you think you would be good for this role?

Some typical technical and production job role questions are:

  • Talk me through your developmental process and what you are used to?

  • What materials and fabrics do you have the most experience working with?

  • How extensive is your experience in quality control?

Why this brand?

The notorious “Why do you want to work for this company”. It is bound to crop up after all your employer wants to make sure that you are the perfect fit for the role. To properly answer this question DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is vital that you are as knowledgeable on the company as they are, it shows that you understand their vision and share their passion for their product. 

Ask your employer questions

Towards the end of your interview, you will most likely get the opportunity to ask your own questions, this part is a deal-breaker. Make sure that you are prepared with thought-provoking questions to your interviewer this sparks natural conversation and can build your relationship. It also makes you look eager, switched-on and hopefully memorable. Some examples would be:

  • What is the structure/ size of the team?

  • What is the brand vision ad how would you see me contributing towards it?

  • How many collections do you deliver in a year?

  • What systems do you use?

Make sure that you are asking clever questions and not ones you should already be informed on, only ask about things you have not found out during your research beforehand. 

Are you looking for a new job role within any of these areas? 

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8 comments on "Looking for roles within Design, Technical and Production: Interview tips"

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