How To Get A Job In The Fashion Industry With Extracurricular Activities

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Applying for a job in the fashion industry can be hard, especially when you don’t have years of work experience. Adding extracurricular activities can boost your CV and make you stand out to employers, but which activities will help you the most?


If you’re wanting to start a career in fashion, then having any experience in a fashion-related job is essential. This could be volunteering to work backstage at your local fashion week, volunteering at a charity shop (especially if you’re looking to apply for a sustainable fashion brand), or asking for work experience with a local fashion brand in your local area.

This will show that you are interested in the fashion industry and willing to work hard and commit to something that you don’t gain from personally, other than gaining experience.

Become a Student Rep

Although you may think that this is just one of those things that teachers tell you will look good on your CV, becoming a student rep may showcase a few valuable skills including the ability to lead and communicate your ideas well with others. How will this help you get a job in fashion I hear you ask? 

A lot of fashion jobs require you to be confident in your decisions and communicate them effectively. If you’ve been elected student rep, then you have shown the ability to do so as you will have had to communicate your ideas with your peers. 

Student reps are also responsible for gathering information from their peers and relaying them to people higher up, which is essential in fashion. Fashion is led by consumers, so having this skill will help you to stand out from other applicants.

Write a Blog

Writing a blog can help when applying for a job in fashion as it shows dedication and commitment. It’s also really important for applying for fashion journalism roles or roles where you’ll be writing content, as it will showcase your tone and style of writing. 

If your blog begins to gain popularity, then this will show employers that you are engaging and can write articles that people actually want to read.

Join Societies

This can be particularly useful if you want to go into a career working for a fashion magazine and you have a publication society at your university. Becoming a writer, editor, or graphic designer for the magazine will set you apart from other candidates especially if the magazine can be distributed nationally as it shows you have some experience in working for a publication.  It will also be a really good opportunity for you to learn and become more confident in your practice. 

Although you may not think it, extracurricular activities are really important in your cv but if you want any other advice on cv writing we also have a post on how to write a good cv.

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