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We are currently going through a transitional stage with retail, in a post-pandemic world, many have altered their shopping behaviours and adopted new habits. These developments will likely become the new normal as consumers deal with a new reality reshaping retail for consumer goods. In this blog, we are going to be talking about what retailers can do to keep up with the ever-demanding consumer. What entrepreneurial techniques are required to optimize, survive and thrive in retail? 

Post pandemic 

If COVID has taught us anything it’s that in the mids of a global crisis people will still shop. While retail took a massive hit during the pandemic with many shops closing their doors the UK saw a monumental loss in sales. Online shopping, on the other hand, saw an influx of new customers ordering items right to their doorstep. So what can retailers do to keep up with the increasing demand of customers? 

  1. Be visible 

Make sure you are pushing brand awareness! Your brand is your most valuable asset, for it to be effective you need to make it hard to miss. Some ways you can boost your brand awareness are:

  • Creating a website 

  • Being active on social media

  • Creating marketing campaigns 

  • Creating online content with good SEO

  • Using ads 

Everything your brand does need to promote your brand, regularly engaging with customers and highlighting the benefits of your brand will ensure that your name is at the top of the consumer’s mind. 

  1. Communicate with customers 

Keep your customers up to date with exactly what is happening and what they should expect from you as a company. If orders are going to be delayed make sure you are transparent. Make sure everything you sell is available online. Create a banner on your homepage explaining the circumstances and thanking your customers for their cooperation and continued support. Many online retailers have adopted new forms of payment e-gift card sales were up by 44% at the beginning of April 2020 compared to the previous year. 

  1. Glow up 

Now more than ever your website must be up-to-date. All information shown should be relevant and correct. Think about taking the time to give it a bit of a refresh, maybe some new colours or product photography. If you don’t already venture into social media, create an eye-catching Instagram feed and keep your customers informed with Facebook and Twitter. Studies have found that Twitter shoppers tend to have higher budgets and shop more regularly than those not using the platform.

  1. Reward loyal customers 

Why not take this time to reward your loyal customers who have stayed with you through thick and thin. Alter your email marketing memo to include unique discounts to regular shoppers, think about offering giveaways to those getting involved with the brand. This will allow your customers to feel valued and special.

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