5 Fashion Brands Smashing It On TikTok

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Having only been really on our phones since March 2020, TikTok has rocketed to the top of the social media charts. The viral video app drastically switched from being associated with teens, to a crucial marketing channel. The app has over 1 billion users with over 2 billion downloads in over 150 countries and is known for its huge organic reach due to the unique algorithm. Many users are of Generation Z, but due to the global coronavirus lockdown, TikTok has seen a wave of users of all ages.

Despite the initial assumptions around TikTok, the app is giving Instagram a run for its money in regards to sponsorships, and holds the superiority of market share today. As TikTok has climbed the charts, influencers have formed on the app, and luxury and high-street fashion brands are wanting to work with them in their campaigns. Prada has recently worked with verified TikToker Charli D’Amelio, who has over 115.5 million followers, to produce branded content of Milan Fashion Week. The highest performing video in this collaboration hit 36.8 million views, and Prada created this much hype without the brand even having its own TikTok account. Unlike Prada, many fashion designers are on the platform, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Missoni.

TikTok has quickly proved itself in the marketing world and shown its potential in online engagement and promoting products, especially among the younger generation, allowing them to finally see relatable honest fashion industry content. 

So which brands are actually smashing it on TikTok?

Calvin Klein - 49.6k followers

In 2019, Calvin Klein took to TikTok in a new digital-first strategy and ran their popular #MyCalvins campaign, featuring relevant stars like Noah Centineo, A$AP Rocky, and Kendall Jenner. The campaign supported a ‘coming-of-age’ concept, by pushing both clothing and underwear, and within 24 hours of launch, it turned into the brand’s most viewed digital campaign. Using TikTok meant Calvin Klein received ten times more the engagement rate of their 2015 campaign with Justin Bieber. 

Crocs - 209.4k followers

Crocs have been backstage for a while now but took to TikTok to reignite publicity for the brand. In 2019, they launched their #ThousandDollarCrocs challenge, in which they invited people to customise their Crocs and post videos using the ‘Come As You Are’ slogan. The brand saw immediate success and overall generated more than 2.5 billion views. Crocs hit 100,000 followers within a week of the campaign, and digital sales have increased by 75.3% in the first quarter.

Boohoo - 426.1k followers

Online fast fashion brand Boohoo took to TikTok to target their existing Gen-Z and Millennial audience and created a dance challenge trend in July 2020, paired with the hashtag #itsfromboohoo. Dance challenges become increasingly popular during the coronavirus pandemic. The challenge featured a song and had support from influencers like Olivia Bowen (576.2k followers), Ellie Zeiler (9.8m followers), and Noah Beck (27.1m followers). The campaign has now succeeded 122 million views. 

ASOS - 308.3k followers

ASOS has smashed it on TikTok by launching a challenge campaign, involving a bespoke song and a powerful range of influential creators from the UK and the US. The campaign hashtag was #AySauce, and users were asked to show off three chosen outfits and bring the looks to life within 15 seconds. The hashtag has over 3.3 million views. ASOS used a mix of ads and interactive AR experiences with TikTok branded effects.

PrettyLittleThing - 1.1m followers

PrettyLittleThing partnered with TikTok in 2019, for the platform’s first endorsed takeover with a brand in the fashion industry. Their campaign, #PrettyChallenge, was the first thing to appear on screens when users opened the app, and it encouraged users to share videos of the outfits that gave them confidence. The brand developed relationships with top influencers, and across a six-day period, they increased reach to over 41 million. The brand’s account is well established and uses TikTok to debut collections and collaborations.

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