5 Ways to Empower your Staff to Give Their Best

Posted on Friday, May 21, 2021 by Charlotte Hanna1 comment

Dreading going to work is one of the worst feelings in the world, and the majority of the time, the feeling can be easily changed without changing jobs. The average person spends 90,000 hours at work throughout their life, this equates to a third of their lifetime, so the last thing people want to hate is going to work. People just want to feel valued and stimulated in their job, and this is something that any company or business can achieve by empowering and motivating their employees with the right approach and mindset.

When someone feels empowered, they gain confidence and feel like they can try to achieve anything. Employee empowerment is the manner in which managers provide their staff with the individual requirements they need to progress and succeed. It can create stronger trust in the leadership of a business, lead to better creativity and build a happier workplace.

The more you empower your employees, the better and more effectively they’ll work for you. Here are 5 ways to empower your staff.

Trust your staff

The first and most important point is to trust your staff and believe in them to complete the work set for them and go above and beyond to achieve. As soon as your employees feel that you believe and trust them, they’ll immediately feel more motivated and comfortable at work. The best managers get extraordinary performance for ordinary people. Learn what each member of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses are and work with them, this will show you care about individual employees, no matter how large or small your business is. The key factor is not to hire anyone unless you believe they can do the role they’re applying for and that you’re willing to fully support them personally and professionally.

Offer flexibility and create boundaries

The aspect of flexibility within the workplace only works if you trust your staff. Implementing a short working day on a Friday or flexible finishes if staff finish the work set for that specific day, will motivate them to work harder and faster, and to a higher standard. As a manager, you need to focus on output, not having a consistently full office. Focus on your teams’ strengths and where they work best, especially since the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, many employees will now work more efficiently at home. 

Contrary to popular belief, establishing boundaries doesn’t restrict your staff, they will empower them and give them freedom in work. They allow an employee to make their own decisions within some guidelines and therefore gives them more responsibility and a sense of reward after.

Learn to praise and forgive

There’s a fine line between making it clear what someone has done wrong and punishing them. If you punish employees, you risk pushing them into a demotivated state of mind where they may not try again. There’s a difference between an innocent mistake and a critical offence. Learn to praise your staff when they’ve done something right, which encourages them to continue working hard, and continue learning. The key point is to focus praise on effort, not just talent.

Listen to your employees

Rather than making demands and telling your employees how to do something, try to listening more. Many managers approach staff with orders like “tell me we hit our sales target”, which results in a sense of fear if they haven’t, rather than feeling comfortable sharing the truth. Once you start observing more, you understand what’s happening among your employees and ground yourself at their level in the business.

Leave your ego at the door

This may be the simplest way to empower your employees, leave your ego outside, and remind yourself that you are equal within the business. Too many managers desire to be the best or most intelligent person in the room, but as a leader, your role is to educate and nurture the team, not belittle. 

Remember to celebrate your team, not yourself.

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1 comment on "5 Ways to Empower your Staff to Give Their Best"

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