Our Favourite Affordable and Sustainable Fashion Brands

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We often feel that when it comes to fashion, we have to choose between shopping with affordable brands and shopping with sustainable brands. The two very rarely go together because of the way they have to operate. We know that if we are only paying £5 for a top that likely to be from an unsustainable source. Likewise, we may be put off from ordering with sustainable brands because we fear we can’t afford them. 

However, occasionally, the two do work together, which is why we have created this blog. In this post, we want to introduce our favourite brands that are both affordable and sustainable to you, and look into the great things that they are doing for the environment. 


If you love wearing gym clothes on a day-to-day basis, then this London-based company is for you. CONTUR offer sustainable style from the heart of London and make a point of sourcing only the highest quality recyclable materials for their luxury activewear range, without the luxury price tag. Their collection of shorts, tops and leggings range from £35 - £80 which, as anybody who buys activewear regularly will know, is very affordable. 

This brand is out to prove that style doesn’t need to be sacrificed in pursuit of sustainable fashion. CONTUR work exclusively with ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, which means that with every item of clothing they make, they are taking harmful plastic out of our oceans. In addition to this, all of their clothing is manufactured in London, which significantly cuts their ‘clothing miles’ and keeps their carbon footprint at the lowest it can possibly be. If you’re looking to shop for sustainable activewear, then CONTUR needs to be on your radar. 


Next on our list is BAM, a viable and environmentally sustainable business that started from founder, David Gordon’s, garage. Today, BAM is a team of 40 who make yoga pants, leggings, base layers, t-shirts, socks, underwear and much more out of sustainable bamboo. The company was set up in response to the clothing industry contributing to global carbon emissions and offers an alternative to cotton. Shopping with BAM also won’t break the bank, as their range of products come in between £28 - £55. BAM is for anybody who wants to be socially responsible, without breaking the bank. 


This is a brand that you may have seen all over Instagram, as it was created by fitness guru Grace Beverly. TALA aims to stop fast fashion whilst holding sustainability and ethical manufacturing at its core. TALA partners with facilities across the globe in order to source the very best in sustainable materials. This brand is more fashion-led than the previous one and caters for a range of different body types and sizes. This ethical brand is definitely one for all of your fashion-conscious Instagram fans, and it won’t leave you in financial ruin either. Their range of sports bras and leggings range from about £26 - £54 are made from 92% recycled materials.


It often feels impossible to find brands that are sustainable, fashionable and affordable, but we believe that the 3 brands listed above are great for anybody who wants to be kind to the planet as well as to their purse. For more fashion tips, news and industry insight, visit our website or browse our list of blogs.  


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