Ways that technology can transform your business

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Recently, we have had to rely on technology more than ever, from holding meetings on Zoom, to making all of our purchasing decisions online, we have been forced to become much more technologically savvy since the beginning of the pandemic. With this in mind, there are thousands of ways that technology can transform, and probably already has transformed, your life, but have you thought about how technology can transform your business? In this blog, we aim to look at just that as we explore ways that technology can transform your business.

Technological Solutions

It should come as no surprise to you that technological solutions are at the top of this list, after all, technology has saved numerous brands since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Most notably, however, is technology’s effect on the fashion industry’s ability to keep up with demand. Technological supply chain solutions allow brands to keep up to date with new processes whilst also ensuring that their supply chains are efficient and transparent. In addition to this, technological solutions also provide insights that managers can respond to quickly. They often provide fashion brands with insights into their financials, sales figures, logistics and their purchasing, and gives them the option to customise and share their figures with other in the company.

A New Experience

Technology is not only changing the way that we shop and the way that businesses are keeping up with demand, but it is also changing the way that we are consuming fashion. We’ve seen a shift towards digital fashion shows from the likes of Dior and GCDS in the past year, as well as an increase in social media purchasing and augmented realities. 

All of which brings us to the conclusion that brands are now adapting to changes in the world around them in order to get their products in front of their customer and improve the way that their consumers are experiencing them. According to Insider Intelligence, mobile commerce will reach 45% of the total U.S. e-commerce market, by the end of 2021, which is largely due to online shopping becoming easier with options such as Apple and Android pay and Instagram shopping. 

Innovative fabrics 

These innovative fabrics are arguably the future of fashion, as they often provide solutions to sustainability issues facing the fashion world. From eco-leather made out of pineapples to yoga pants made out of bamboo, these fabrics are shaking up the fashion industry. 

Provenance Biofabrics, for example, is advancing the future of leather alternatives. Their aim is to make proteins for the production of materials that are functional, safe, cruelty-free, and economically-viable, in order to support the transition into a sustainable and compassionate future.

Technology is constantly evolving and changing the way in which the fashion industry operates, which is something that we have seen more than ever in the past year.  From the rise in demand for sustainable brands, to the need to move all retail stores online, we can conclude that technology will continue to be fashion’s saviour as it provides new solutions every day. 


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