5 Brands Using Sustainable Packaging to Grow Consumer Connection

Posted on Friday, June 11, 2021 by Charlotte Hanna2 comments

Due to COVID-19, e-commerce increased by 46% in 2020, which is the strongest growth in over ten years, and since then online retailers have had to fight harder to keep up with the demand in sales. The mass of more online sales only means more parcel bags and delivery materials, which due to practicality and durability, are unfortunately are plastic. Consequently, the more sales, the more plastic waste. Regardless of the growing consumption, online shoppers still care about the environment, with 83% of consumers saying they think about the impact on the carbon footprint of their purchase.

More brands are considering the environmental impact they’re having, and becoming more conscious about their products and packaging. When a brand displays the same beliefs and passions as its consumers, the relationship between the two becomes more genuine and therefore, results in increased sales and interaction.

Here are five brands that are using sustainable packaging to grow their consumer relationships:

Plaine Products

The majority of toiletries and personal care products on the market come in plastic bottles, but Plaine Products use aluminium containers. Not only are aluminium bottles recyclable, but the brand contributes further to reducing waste by incentivising customers to send back their empty bottles for a full refill at a discounted price. Plaine Products ensures that all online orders are sent in recycled packaging.

Calvin Klein

The brand is owned by PVH, and they are determined to have 100% sustainable and ethically sourced packaging by 2025. Currently, 74% of Calvin Klein’s packaging is recyclable, and even though they still use plastic to package their clothing, they have saved over 200 tonnes annually by switching to a thinner version. PVH became the first clothing company to join the How2Recycle program, and they plan to be a zero-waste company by 2030.


Patagonia has always thrived as being a sustainable company with eco-friendly products, and they have strong initiatives regarding fair trade embedded in their brand values and company culture. As a brand, they care strongly about recycling, and they ship only using 100% recyclable packaging. Currently, 68% of their clothing uses recycled materials and they have instructions on their website to tell people how they can recycle old clothes. In 2014, they went on a mission to reduce packaging volume and minimised the number of delivery trips to lower their carbon footprint. 


ASOS is an e-commerce giant, and while the company still mass produces and ships products, they have made changes to their packaging to be more environmentally friendly. They have modified their usual branded mailer bags and reduced the thickness of the plastic by nearly twenty microns, which has worked to reduce their use of plastic by 583 tonnes annually. 


Amazon has a Frustration-Free Packaging initiative, in which they work with the brands on their marketplace to eliminate the waste of packaging and redesign it to be more sustainable, while still making sure orders arrived undamaged. One of the biggest successes from this was Tide’s new ‘eco box’, which uses over half the plastic of their original packaging. Their most recent development is Shipment Zero; a vision to make 50% of all their shipments net zero carbon by 2030. To work towards this goal, Amazon is upgrading its infrastructure to 100% renewable energy, as well as pushing reusable packaging.


It is becoming more common that large brands and e-commerce companies are caring about their environmental impact, and making changes in their infrastructure and packaging. We believe these companies are taking a step in the right direction.


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2 comments on "5 Brands Using Sustainable Packaging to Grow Consumer Connection"

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