The 5 Post-Covid Summer Fashion Trends of 2021

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Just when we thought we were all going to experience a hot summer ready for the lifting of coronavirus restrictions, the rain returned, and with it the expectation of waterproof jackets and umbrellas. Remaining optimistic, we’ve still got August to come, and there’s still hope to appreciate the summer fashion trends for the year. 

Unlike previous years, we’ve been able to venture abroad unproblematically and rely on festival fashion to provide trends, even though both holidays and festivals are planned to go ahead, the upcoming fashion trends for summer can apply to all occasions; including loungewear (we’re not judging). Britain's ambitious roadmap out of lockdown has provided that light at the end of the tunnel, and give a forward-thinking view of what summer could look like. 

Whether you’re planning to make the most of social freedom this summer or not, these are the five post-covid summer fashion trends of 2021…

1. Bralettes

Bralettes have been a reoccurring trend for many summer seasons now, but for summer 2021, we are seeing far more variety. Whether you want to wear one with joggers, or make a statement with a patterned bralette on holiday with shorts, or a satin bralette with palazzo trousers for a sophisticated dinner, there are many currently available for every occasion.

Image (L-R): Dior, Jacquemus, Simone Rocha (Source: Glamour)

2. Open Backs

The open back trend is one of our favourite new trends; a perfect way of showing a little skin without exposing the décolletage, and is suitable for those who prefer to keep their chest or legs covered. There are many styles available, from subtle hints beneath flowing and layered fabrics, to a bold look with tight-fitting pieces. 

Image (L-R): Hermes, Acne Studios, Gabriela Hearst (Source: Glamour)

3. Sheer Gowns

Sheer fabric can be interpreted in many ways depending on the occasion we are dressing for, but sheer gowns are a perfect statement piece. It’s the perfect throw-over garment for a beach day, and works equally well over a silk slip for a sultry evening look depending on how confident you’re feeling.

Image (L-R): Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Dior (Source: Glamour)

4. Netting

This is one of the more unusual trends seen for summer this year, but after the solitude and limited summer of last year, we need to make the most of the freedom, and therefore the fashion that follows. Netting finds its way into our wardrobes in the form of knitted dresses and vests to add a bit of texture and intrigue.

Image (L-R): Ports 161, Acne Studios, Burberry (Source: Glamour)

5. Fucshia

While monochrome is a common trend throughout the year most years, one of the stand out colours of summer 2021 is right at the opposite end of the spectrum is fuchsia pink. There’s nothing to be careful about regarding this shade, make a statement with it and layer similar shades or even layer contrast colours.

Image (L-R): Valentino, Isabel Marrant, Molly Goddard (Source: Glamour)

Whether you decide to make the most of freedom this summer or feel more comfortable keeping yourself to yourself and staying inside, follow these trends to keep your summer wardrobe fashionable and fresh, and keep you feeling your best. 

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