The Best Fashion Podcasts to Listen to in 2021

Posted on Friday, July 2, 2021 by Charlotte Hanna2 comments

While the fashion industry has an air of mystery around it, we all still want to have a peek behind the scenes. Currently, there is a whole host of podcasts sharing secrets and insights from all corners of the industry, from words of wisdom from influential designers, to comedy podcasts around style and trends. Whether you’re wanting to bring a little style into your life or learn about overlooked style cultures around the globe, or even address problems of sustainability, there’s a podcast for you. The best fashion podcasts communicate why clothes matter, the history and the production of them, or the psychology behind the trends that make you want to buy them.

Here's a list of the best fashion podcasts you should listen to in 2021.

Chanel Connects

Following on from the success of their four-part fashion podcast Metier Class:3.55, which included the last interview with Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Connects is a new offering. Inspired by the forward-thinking mentality of Coco Chanel, this podcast brings together cultural names across film, music, art and fashion to discuss how creative industries have best navigated through COVID-19. The eight episodes each tackle a different question around the industry and offer optimistic ideas about how institutions can adapt.

Dior Talks

Dior Talks explores the fashion house’s stance on culture, art and society; it’s the perfect podcast for all aesthetes. Each episode includes a discussion with a well-known name from the art world who has been key in helping Dior’s Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, execute her vision for the house. In their latest series, The Female Gaze, hosted by Charlotte Jansen, an art journalist, they explore the relationship between women and photography, addressing issues of image and identity. 

The BOF Podcast

The Business of Fashion is the podcast you should listen to if you want to understand the economics of the industry. It’s hosted by Imran Ahmen, founder and CEO of BOF, and in each episode, it involves designers and creatives discussing everything from starting your own fashion business to red carpet trends. 

Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes

Creative Conversations is like a roll call for the most inspiring names in fashion, the guest list for the podcast makes for some motivational listening. In each episode, it gives a sneak-peek into Suzy’s world, with in-depth interviews from people such as Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin.

Wardrobe Crisis

Wardrobe Crisis discusses the environmental issues around the fashion industry; it’s one of the most polluting industries, with clothing and footwear making up 8% of global greenhouse gases. Vogue’s Sustainability Editor, Clare Press, interviews guests to decode the industry and explore the impact on the planet. With a focus on sustainability and ethics, the podcast explores hard-hitting issues, such as the consequences of virgin materials.

Dressed: The History of Fashion

In times like the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important now more than ever to focus on the things that unite us. In Dressed: The History of Fashion, the common factor is that every day everyone gets up and gets dressed, but they examine the complex social histories behind the clothes we wear, whether that is the origin of cat-eye sunglasses or fishnets.  

Fashion Fix with Charli Howard

In 2015, model Charli Howard transformed into a body activist when she posted on social media about the impossible beauty standards within the fashion industry. In her podcast, Fashion Fix, she is on a mission to fix the issues across the industry, from low pay to the lack of diversity, as well as how to buy fashion sustainably. This is the podcast to listen to if you want to learn how to do your bit to help with global problems in the fashion industry.

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