Nike Tops the List of Highest Performing Trainer Brand at Resale

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Trainers dominate the resale market, that’s clear, but which brands and styles are the ones to look out for with the biggest return on investment? 

A new study from London-based price comparison site,, used the average change in price premium and data from Stock X to work out how well certain colours and products perform. 

If you are investing in trainers, Nike is the universal number one brand that will return you the most profit at resale. In particular, its sub-brand Jordan comes out on top of the resale list. The trainers were originally designed for basketball icon and legend Michael Jordan, but Air Jordans are currently the slam dunk investment provided they are unworn and in their original condition.

The average price premium for Jordans is 376.2%, however, in some cases, original trainers have sold for much more. For example, the Jordan 1 OG Chicago launched in 1985 for only $47 and was last sold for $14,587 which is a huge 30,669% increase in investment.

Best brand for resale: Nike

Nike’s own trainers take second place after Jordans with an average price premium of 305%. The brand is one of the best trainer brands to buy as an investment, but research shows that some limited edition styles can sell for prices way above their average price premium. The Nike Dunk High Pro SB Supreme Blue Stars, originally valued at $55, have been sold recently for $7,294, which is a 13,233% return on investment.

After Nike, Vans take the third spot with an average price premium of 221.8%. The study also highlights that brand collaborations are big money makes and Vans have had their fair share. Vans collaborated with Fear of God to create their Vans Era 95 DX Fear of God trainer, which was originally sold for $65, sold for $945, which is a 1339% increase on investment.

After Vans, ASICS comes in at fourth, then Yeezy at fifth, followed by New Balance, Converse, Reebok, Puma, and Adidas complete the top ten.

Best colour for resale: Black

The colour of the trainer also impacts how it performs at resale and its investment value. The study also found that black trainers offer the highest return on investment at 614.8%, compared to pink trainers which only offer 100.2%. White trainers come after black in second place with a 558% return, and red trainers in third place with a 503% return on investment. 


All statistics found from study

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