5 Layering Lessons from LFW's Style Streets

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During this time of the year, especially coming up to the transition into Spring, layering will be your best friend. It’s reaching that time of year where the temperature change throughout the day needs a completely different outfit from morning to noon. Layering can be a complex thing to master while still looking classy and effortless; our top tip is to layer vertically not horizontally - you want to trick the eye into looking up and down, not across.

But luckily, we have London Fashion Week to thank for style inspiration as usual. The style streets of fashion weeks are always a plethora of layering creativity, and this blog will share with you our favourite layering lessons from London’s infamous fashion calendar event.

Coats and Cardigans

Coats and cardigans is a well known layering combination, but provides so many style options to play with. You could match the length of both items, or mix up the lengths; layering a short bomber jacket over a long knit cardi? Or why not layer a long knit under a tailored trench coat to give that contrast of soft and fixed forms? The one thing we loved from London Fashion Week is the use of a playful bright cardigan to cinch the waist of a block-colour coat. Next thing you know, you have a new cardigan-coat combo!

(Image Source: Vogue. Taken by Phil Oh)

The Biker Ballerina 

In fashion, we love juxtaposition. Whether that be a tiny top and baggy trousers, or a structured shirt paired with a flowing skirt, it’s everywhere in our wardrobes, but LFW has inspired us with the biker ballerina contrast. We love the look of a super-feminine frilly-tulle dress styled with a chunky boyish biker jacket - opposites really do attract!

Double the Trench

We all layer underneath coats, but why not layer our coats too? And sometimes this may just be more practical! Many fashion week goers were spotted layering a raincoat over a trench coat for that unexpectedly chic and accidentally practical approach to outwear.

Underwear as Outerwear

This has been a trend of the past, but it’s back in full swing and a perfect way to layer for aesthetics rather than warmth, or it could be that perfect excuse to wear your night outfit during the day for that quick outfit change for your evening plans. Any bralet or corset can be worn in any climate and for any occasion if styled right and LFW street style is an excellent example of this. Why not layer with a fine knit under and a puffer jacket over?

Pleats over Pants

Before you get flashbacks from the 1990s and ’00s, keep reading. Transitional dressing this season is the perfect excuse for creative styling and an opportunity to try the skirt-over-trousers look as we wait for the arrival of Spring. Focus on longer layers to avoid reliving a look of the past, and pair with a loafer for a sophisticated seasonal look.

(Image Source: Vogue. Taken by Phil Oh)

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