Wear This Controversial Colour Combination This Valentine's Day

Posted on Thursday, February 10, 20221 comment

Whether you’re taken, single or in a situationship, Valentine’s Day is like marmite; you either love it or you hate it. You may be having a day of self-care and raiding the sale chocolates or spending it on a date with your partner, either way it’s one to be celebrated. One thing is for certain, the tremendous colour combination of pink and red is flooding the everyday landscape, from retail displays to gift wrap and now into our wardrobes…

We’ve all been told when we were younger that you should never mix black and brown, and red and pink, but if the past couple of years has told us anything - these rules are made to be broken. 

Scarlett and Fuschia has been a Valentine’s colour combo for as long as it’s been commercially popular. But we feel it deserves more attention outside of February 14th. Many fashion brands have taken note already with Boohoo launching a smiley face knit in the controversial combination. Designer, Ryan Lo has long employed this pairing in his collections in garments from dresses to jumpers and has continuously displayed them at his shows at LFW. He told Vogue, “Pink and red together reminds me of those Japanese girl animes like Rose of Versailles and Hello Kitty. I like the sweetness of the pink and the red makes it more wild and sophisticated”. 

The combination has as much impact as wearing it from head to toe as it does wearing a singular item within your outfit; finding that balance of sexy and cute is a personal preference.

For Megan Ellaby, the renowned style blogger, it has become part of her brand and signature style. She has launched her debut collection completely based on this colour pairing. She talks about the marriage of the two colours saying “There are no reservations. The combination connotes all the happy feels…on paper, it shouldn’t work, but when styled right, it’s rather special”.

This colour mix should no longer be a novelty, but to be worn with confidence and joy. Once you get over the outdated opinion that has been branded into our brains that they do not match, you realise that they in fact do. They compliment each other while bringing out the best in each other, much like how your Valentine should too.

If you’ve been avoiding this controversial combination, then this Valentine’s is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and give it a go. 

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1 comment on "Wear This Controversial Colour Combination This Valentine's Day"

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