Iris Apfel x H&M

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 20222 comments

Everyone in the fashion industry knows that Iris Apfel is an infamous style icon and renowned interior designer. From her iconic glasses to her vibrant wardrobe, she’s had a substantial impact on the fashion world and has developed an impressive celebrity clientele throughout her career.

Most of us look forward to a letter from the Queen to celebrate our 100th birthday, but not Iris Apfel. Instead, she’s celebrating her milestone birthday with her first high street collaboration with H&M.

Iris is unrivalled when it comes to her maximalist and eccentric style, her Instagram bio; ‘more is more and less is a bore’, is the cherry on the top of this statement, and her new collection with H&M does not disappoint.

Her collaboration is for those who ‘want to look different’, but don't want to spend a bomb in the process. She explains that the collection was the perfect fit for her as it has a profound focus on individualism; a contradiction when associated with high street fashion. The 36 piece collection ranges from £19.99 to £299.99, so there is something to suit everyone’s style and budget. 

The collection includes a wonderful oversize turquoise jacquard suit, covered in tropical leaves and embellished with pearls, which is modelled by Iris below. 

Image Source: H&M

As well as this, there is a satin pyjama-style co-ord and an extravagant lilac ruffle jacket, both of which will have you looking like you’re wearing a lot more than the high street price tag.

Don’t be deterred by the intensity of the patterns and colours, all the pieces can easily be broken up and styled with basics in your existing wardrobe; you don’t have to be a confident eclectic dresser to enjoy Iris’s range. If you don't fancy wearing ditsy floral dresses and light-washed jeans this Spring, then this is the collection for you. Shop Iris’ collection on the H&M website from 31st March.

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