Coachella marks the Return of Festival Fashion

Posted on Friday, April 22, 20222 comments

Festival season is almost upon us this year, and Coachella has marked the return of the outdoor music events last weekend, attracting over 250,000 fans to Califonia after a two-year break due to the global pandemic. 

As we all know, festivals bring new vibrant trends and an insane cash boost for the fashion industry, making ‘festival fashion’ a trend of its own. Coachella is the most fashionable festival of the year, with celebrities travelling from all over the globe to attend the event is lavish and statement outfits. It’s these looks that often dictate the rest of the year’s festival fashion trends. 

This year’s Coachella had PrettyLittleThing, StockX, and Revolve, the US Gen Z retailer, sponsoring areas at the festival, not to just market to the attendees but also to everyone watching from social media at home.

The fashion editor at Refinery29, Ebony-Renee Baker, describes it as “a big commercial opportunity for brands and influencers; it’s huge now and is watched all over the world”.

Festivals have long had a fashion influence on styles and trends, from Woodstock and Glastonbury festivals where ravers made tracksuits and Hunter wellies fashionable to now, in the modern-day, where influencers get paid significantly to attend festivals and post on social media wearing brands, charging thousands of pounds for the post.

So what’s the prediction for this festival season?

Ebony-Renee Baker predicts that this year's festival wear will show lots of 90s vintage-inspired looks, including lots of lace, straw hats, tulle skirts, and leotards. Fast-fashion brands aren’t stupid, they know this is the time when consumers spend. The Business of Fashion reported a boost of 173% for sales of festival wear across Boohoo, H&M, ASOS, and Nasty Gal, compared to 2019 - the last year of festivals. This doesn’t lend itself to an environmentally friendly and sustainable take on fashion but festival-goers are also more likely to shop secondhand in thrift and vintage stores. 

If you’re going to a festival this year, what will you be wearing?

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2 comments on "Coachella marks the Return of Festival Fashion"

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