Recruitment U&I Search Blog - October 2019

  • Brits could earn an average of £32,000 more a year by working abroad

    Posted on Friday, October 25, 2019 by Charlotte HannaNo comments

    British workers could boost their salaries by over £32,000 by relocating overseas, new research by Good Move has revealed. All of the UK’s 14 most common occupations, from teachers to plumbers, are better paid in other parts of the world, with some workers even able to boost their salaries by over £100,000 by moving to a different country. The study, conducted by the regulated property buyer, ...

  • BBC Aricle - Business buzzwords: Decoded

    Posted on Monday, October 14, 2019 by Charlotte Hanna1 comment

    A great article below from the BBC - Business buzzwords: Decoded Whether you are starting a new job or launching your own business, finding your way through the fog of corporate-talk in the office can leave you feeling dizzy and disorientated. There is really no need to speak in business-code, but your colleagues and collaborators might do it ...