Recruitment U&I Search Blog - March 2020

  • Top Tips for Job Hunters - Covid-19

    Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2020 by Admin4 comments

    The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and having a profound effect on all of our lives. Every industry is feeling the impact of the economic challenges that come with Covid-19. Within the fashion and textiles industry most high street retailers and suppliers have understandably put recruitment on hold, some of those clients have expressed that they are still looking but just cannot conduct ...

  • Top Tips For Working From Home - Covid-19

    Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2020 by AdminNo comments

    Following recent government advice employers attempt to limit staff exposure to the coronavirus outbreak by allowing staff to begin remote working, read our top tips on how to work effectively from home. Many companies are suggesting workers who can get the job done from home do just that. Some technology companies which produce software used by remote workers, including Zoom and Slack, have ...

  • The UK's Coronavirus Furlough Scheme Explained

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    Thousands of employees are being told that their jobs are reliant on the Government’s furlough scheme as the coronavirus crisis collapses businesses. But what does that even mean? WHAT DOES FURLOUGH MEAN? ‘Furloughed worker’ is not a recognised term in UK employment law, although it is commonly used in the US. Government guidance says someone is furloughed if they remain employed but are not ...