Tips for starting your fashion marketing career

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The fashion marketing world is ever-changing, inclusive and diverse.  you may not be making clothes but don’t let that put you off: fashion is a tangible industry where you can put your skills and talent to good use in just about any area you wish. In Fashion marketing you are able to experience working at the forefront of the fashion industry, working direct with brands and customers. A mixture of fashion and business marketing is an excellent way for people to combine their passion for fashion with a career you can really make an impact on. So what’s stopping you from starting? These are our top tips for beginners. 


Intern with a retailer or fashion business is an excellent way to gain experience in the field.  Any kind of industry experience and knowledge you can gain would be helpful in accelerating your career in the fashion marketing industry. You can generally intern for college credit or for a stipend, depending on the terms of the internship. Soak up what you can throughout to gain experience that you can then apply once you are ready to launch your career. 

While obtaining a degree in this field will be helpful, graduate-level roles in fashion marketing are quite rare so the experience is the number one factor to consider. Any industry experience or knowledge will be a benefit. 


Start networking early. The earlier you network within the industry and develop contacts with other fashion business insiders, the more likely it will be that you can land a position once you are ready to officially embark on your career. Attend fashion industry networking mixers and social events. Take business cards and try to remember names with faces. Make notes in a small notebook -- discreetly, of course -- if that will help you remember.

Narrow down your options 

As with many industries marketing is hugely diverse consisting of digital marketing, PR, social media, brand communications just to name a few. Right from the start decide which area, in particular, you are interested in and apply for specific roles. This will allow you to tailor your experiences and limit any confusion. 

Be digitally savvy

Much of the fashion industry in only so it’s a good idea to get comfortable with tech. Consider establishing a personal brand, an online resume this may be viewed by employers both before and during the interview process. Marketing often includes social media responsibilities if you can show that you already have this down it will be a huge help. Cultivate your profile by connecting with industries specific to your genuine interest in the industry. 


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