How TikTok has Impacted the Fashion Industry

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Whether you’re on TikTok or not, it’s undoubtedly increased in popularity over the past two years, and became the primary source of entertainment and self-expression during the pandemic for many social media lovers. Even though the app is primarily associated with teens, many ages and brands have joined the hype. The teenage audience of the app fall into Generation Z, who have been proven to have an average attention span of 8 seconds, and so the quick-fire video content of TikTok is most appealing to them, hence why the structure of the app works.

The impact on the fashion industry is heavily underway, and many fashion influences and designers are already posting on it; some have previously used the platform to live-stream their fashion shows. TikTok has dominated Instagram in regards to authentic but creative content. Kudzi Chikumbu, TikTok’s Director of Creator Community, says that, “The fashion is legit on TikTok. It goes beyond the physical outfits, and into creative expression”.

Here are the five ways that TikTok has impacted the fashion industry over the past year.

Fashion Week

The faces of TikTok stars began to filter into the fashion industry in2019, when Noen Eubanks became the face of Celine, followed by Charli D’Amelio, with a massive 103 million followers, sat front row at Prada’s show. This was similar to the debut of YouTuber’s sitting at fashion week in 2009. Many designers including Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent, also used the platform to live-stream their shows, which brought over 3 million views.

Scouting Models

One of the biggest modeling agencies, IMG Models, has been using the app to scout for new models and fresh faces. They’ve already signed two models; Wisdom Kaye and Kennedy Jardine. Unlike other platforms, the app content contains predominantly unedited and unfiltered, and coupled with the video format, scouts are able to see the models naturally and clearly.

Designers Sharing Creative Process

Fashion designers are also getting involved in posting creative inspiration for TikTokers. They may be busy with collections and designing, but they’re taking time to share the process. With the construct of TikTok being fast-paced, this works with the fashion industry, as designers can create a quick and authentic insight into their working environment to educate people that are interested. 

Sustainable Brands are Born

TikTok is becoming a place where new brands are born, especially sustainable fashion brands which have been gaining mass popularity on the app. The hashtags ‘#upcycling’ and ‘#vintage’ have 8 billion views combined, showing that the Gen Z users of the app are obsessed with repurposing clothing. One of the biggest eco brands on the platform is @vintagestockreserve and they have collated over 1.8 million followers, by posting videos dying and mending vintage clothes and sharing tips on how to be more eco-friendly.

Global Fashion Trends

TikTok creators and influencers are now setting global fashion trends. With any social media app, especially one based on visual content, likes and engagement become important. Users want to make it to people’s ‘For You Pages’ and want to go viral, hence why trends are born. This year, TikTok users gave Y2K fashion a surprise comeback and created a mass obsession with noughties fashion. The use of the hashtag ‘#y2kfashion has more than 58 million hits and is still climbing. There was a domino effect into the high street; brands such as Juicy Couture having to re-launch due to the increased demand.


As time goes on, and the app increases in popularity, the impact on the fashion industry will only grow and adapt to the trends of the app. TikTok could be the influence on the fashion industry that younger generations, especially Generation Z have been waiting for, and pushes high fashion designers to show personality and relatability to connect with their audience.

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