Fashion Trend Predictions for 2022

14th January 2022

With every new year comes new fashion trends. COVID-19 has had a profound impact on fashion, we’ve gone from living in comfy clothes and lying on our sofas to trying to resume our normal lives, with the return of formal workwear and extravagant partywear to celebrate the return of normality. These predicted fashion trends of 2022 are laced with inspiration from both smart and comfortable attire of the past few years, and the aspect of the environmental impact of our purchases, which the recent pandemic has encouraged us to be more conscious of.

This blog will share with your our top predictions for the trends you can hope to see throughout the year.

Bucket Hats

As we have witnessed, fashion styles from the 90s and 00s have resurfaced, including velour tracksuits and low-rise jeans. Among these, the bucket hat has come back into style and this is something that is on the rise again, even in winter, where we have seen fur and fleece versions.

Power Suits

Celebrating the back to work lifestyle and giving a nod to normality, suits have seen a massive increase in popularity for both inside and outside of the office. These power suits are available in many colours, fabrics, and bold designs. Jasie Style, a fashion stylist, said that it’s due to more modern women progressing into leadership roles since the pandemic and wanting to look feminine and professional doing so.


As people have become more aware of their spending habits and their impact on the environment, ethical fashion is making a profound influence across the market. Celebrity stylist, Kat Eves, said she expects 2022 to be about re-wearing outfits and occasion dresses, and also seeing the popularity of vintage shopping increase. 

Baggy Denim

Baggy denim and jeans, is a great example of the merge between formal and casual attire, as they can be dressed up or down very easily. This is a trend that is following on from the wide-leg jean moment of 2021.


Cardigans are planning to make a return to our wardrobes as a versatile staple, like baggy jeans, they are a perfect middle man between formal and casual dress. Celebrity stylist Mary Francis predicts they will make an appearance in both male and female wardrobes.

Wide Leg Trousers

As fashion got comfier during the pandemic, trouser legs got wider, and they’re still here to stay. They can be seen through a breadth of garment styles, from joggers to workwear and of course jeans.

Brights and Bolds

While neon colours have had their say for the past few years, they will be replaced by bright and bold primary colours, especially blues and reds which will be incredibly popular throughout 2022 according to Nancy Rose, the designer of Nancy Rose Performance.

Are you ready for these trends this year? 

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